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Upcoming Events


Membership in the Comanche Trail Community Association (CTCA) is open to all property owners and/or residents within the neighborhood.

National Night Out - October 7th

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We will have our annual CTCA Holiday Party, Saturday Dec. 8th from 4-10 p.m. at Joe and Donna Fowler

Keith will reprise his excellent fried turkeys and neighbors will bring a generous appetizer, side or dessert, according to their last names. Please RSVP to the Evite invitation so name tags can be made and ample supplies of food and beverages are available.

The date for the cove cleanup as November 4th from 2-4


The next meeting will be at Valerie Rawlings and Bruce McFarland’s home


The End of Summer Party will be October 7th


CTCA Board Meeting March 6, 2012

A CTCA Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 6 at 7:30 PM at the home of Donna and Butch Ackman, 13905 Panorama Drive.

Water Service - Interruption Notice

UPDATE: Water service has been restored as of 1am Sunday.

There is a water main break at Oasis Pass. WCID 17 has been working since mid-afternoon to resolve water main break. Service west of Oasis Pass is affected. Look for updates as available: Expect restoration Saturday evening or early Sunday morning.

The CTCA Holiday Party

The CTCA Holiday Party will be at the home of Joe and Donna Fowler at 13911 Panorama. It’s not official yet, but it will most likely be on Dec. 16th.

How to Care for Trees in the Drought

Texas Forest Service Video:

2011 Property Appraisals from Travis County

Table showing a summary of the 2010 TCAD appraisal results.
The process for preparing and filing a protest is described, including ways to review your 2011-2012 appraisal notice.
Approaches are given for reviewing your 2010 and 2011 (and future) Travis County tax notices.

Property appraisals in 2010 from the Travis County Appraisal Districk (TCAD) were not favorable for many Comanche Trail Residents. Some homeowners had increases in value as high as 460% above those for 2009.

Download 2011 Property Appraisals from Travis County

Trash Recycling Guidelines from IESI / Water District 17

Table showing which materials are recyclable through IESI and what is not accepted

Through Water District 17, IESI provides recycling service every Friday as part of the regular pickup of household trash. Residents on Mountain Trail and Panorama Drive recycle through TDS and should refer to the guidelines provided in a separate notice for the TDS rules.

Download Trash Recycling Guidelines from IESI

Trash Recycling Guidelines from TDS

Table showing which materials are recyclable and what is not accepted by TDS

Residents on Mountain Trail and Panorama Drive recycle household trash through Texas Disposal Services (TDS). TDS picks up trash for recycling on alternate Thursdays as part of their regular weekly service.

Download Trash Recycling Guidelines from TDS

Fire Safety and the Proposed Cypress Creek Marina

As you may be aware (and if not, keep reading!) there is a very large marina (over 250 boats) planned for Cypress Creek Cove, to be located in part along the preserve just below and adjacent to our neighborhood. Setting aside for the moment the issues of crowding, changing levels and similar, there is a justified concern that such a marina, if built, would represent an extreme fire hazard to the residents of the Comanche Trail community.

This calls into question the proposed marina: Since I have lived in Austin there have been multiple marina fires, with some marinas burning more than once! In all case, the marinas are generally total losses, and the fire is contained only because the marinas themselves are located on water and away from land other than at the access point to the marina. These marinas are directly accessible by vehicle, so fire fighting equipment can be brought in to control the fire and protect nearby land and buildings. The proposed marina, by comparison, can be reached only by boat and is bounded by the steep and rugged BCP, making land-based fire control difficult if not impossible.

Download Full Article: Fire Safety and the Proposed Marina

Ready, Set, Go!

The fire season is now a year-round reality in many areas, requiring firefighters and residents to be on heightened alert for the threatof wildfire throughout the year.

Successfully preparing for a wildfire requires you to take personalresponsibility for protecting yourself, your family and your property.

The "Ready, Set, Go" prpgram has been developed to help you prepare for wildfires. Please download and review this prpgram, and set aside some time to practice and prepare.

Download Ready, Set, Go!

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